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Coe Family Vision Clinic offers a wide variety of fashionable eyewear for the entire family as we have access to thousands of frames in the lines mentioned at left.

The staff at Coe Family Vision Clinic is completely committed to the overall health of your eyes. We believe that healthy vision starts with you and that most visual impairment is preventable. At Coe Family Vision Clinic we do our best to educate our patients about their eye health needs.

Coe Family Vision Clinic understands daily events happen that can alter the initial perfect fit of your eyewear after you leave our office. We do not want our patients to be walking around with eye-wear that is mis-shapen, crooked, or has missing parts. Whether it’s from your kids, dogs, accidents, or travel, we are happy to adjust your eyewear. So please, come by our office for a complimentary repair and adjustment.

Coe Family Vision Clinic knows that every patient uses their eyes differently from one person to the next. We believe that multiple pairs of eye wear that function uniquely for a certain task is not a luxury but a necessity. We are committed to recommending and providing you the vision that is unique for your lifestyle. Whether it is a new pair of prescription sunglasses , computer glasses for the office environment, safety glasses for your job, special goggles for your athletic activities or a pair of specialty glasses for children and adults with special needs.