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We are a Full-Service vision care center for you and your family offering: Routine ExamsThe most common part of the eye exam is the prescription for glasses and/or contacts. During the exam, we will correct for:

Occular HealthEqually important is the health exam. There are many conditions in the eye that can silently damage your sight without a single symptom or pain. Many of these conditions are treatable and correctable.

Contact LensesWe offer a full range of contact lens options, from daily disposable to multifocal contacts. Contact lenses have changed a great deal over the last ten years, so if you’ve ever been told that you can’t be fit, or if you’ve worn them previously but dropped out because they were uncomfortable or dry, please ask about them again. Depending on when you last wore them, there may be fantastic new options for you.

Silicon hydrogel lensesSpherical fitsToric fits for astigmatismDaily disposable for occasional or sports useMultifocal lenses for patients with bifocalsRigid Permeable Lenses (RGP)
Emergency CareMany don’t realize that optometrists can treat a wide variety of injuries or medical issues. You should call us if you experience any of the following: